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Webcast 1

this is webcast 1 a company that helps to the people to show
their product or a company using the world wide web.

w w w . w e b c a s t 1 . c o m
129 NW 13th St., Bldg D-27 - Boca Raton, FL 33432 - Toll Free: 1.800.579.4932 - Phone: 561.392.2202 - Fax: 561.391.7775
searchwiz.com - dealwiz.com - flashwiz.net - programmingwiz.com - shoppingcartwiz.com - logodesign.com - banneradvertising.tv - emailings.com - merchantaccount.be

Welcome to Webcast 1 and the Webcast 1 NETWORK.
Webcast 1 is a full service web site design, hosting, web marketing & web site maintenance company.
Since I started the company in 1996, we have been helping our clients Webify their businesses by showing
them new ways to leverage the immense power of the world wide web.
Over the last several years, we have worked with companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 firms.
We pass our ever broadening knowledge base and experience on to each other and to each new client we
work with.
At Webcast 1, our team of highly skilled specialists works together in synergy to create dynamic, engaging and
useful web sites. From graphic artists to data base programmers, from copy writers to search engine
marketers, Webcast 1 features a team of talented and outstanding individuals who are passionate about
helping you take advantage of the world wide web. This holistic, multi disciplinary approach to web design
creates the kind of web sites that will please you and your employees and keep customers coming back for
At the core of our business philosophy is a critical formula:
Interface + Infrastructure x Marketing = Internet Success.
Contact a Webcast 1 consultant to learn how you can put our formula for success to work for you.
Webcast 1 is also a key component within the Webcast 1 Network...a series of popular web business sites that
includes logodesign.com, flashwiz.net, banneradvertising.us, searchwizmarketing.com, emailings.com and the
searchwiz.com meta search engine.
I invite you to explore our website to learn how this formula is put into action.
Throughout webcast1.com, you will find examples of fresh design and dynamic applications that could make
your own web site more attractive and interactive.
In today's tenuous economic climate, it is important to continuously evaluate
your internet strategy to determine whether you are fully harnessing the power
of the web to it’s greatest potential. Having a team like Webcast 1 behind you will help ensure that you ride the
power of the web.
Webcast 1 – “Your Link to the Future”


Thank you for visiting our website.

viernes, 13 de julio de 2007

The interview

1Where did you find the job?
Ill fined the job in the web site ourartisticjob_workdesing.com posted in June 15.

2Why do you think you are good for this position?
I think I’m good because you’re looking for someone that help you to finish the demosheild project because I worked 4 years in as director assistance in Creative company and there also I manager the web area, in addition I work for Cameron White as a photographer and I have experience in logo design.

3Do you know what’s demoshild looking for?
Demoshild is a corporate manual project that only needs someone that helps you in the website area, creating a visual image that combines the corporate manual and the information of the company.

4Do you have experience in this area?
How I say after, I have 4 years working in the website area in the creative company and I resolve many projects that satisfy to our clients and in addition I try to make designs that generate good results for the people and for the environment.

5What are your computer skills?
I believe that I have the skill that are you looking for because I worked with Photoshop, Corel draw, Dreamweaver, Illustrator , Freehand, fireworks and HTML script and other logo programs and video editing programs .

6Are you interested meeting new people?
Yeah, in the 2000 I worked in Grace´s café as a waitress and that helps me a lot because in this industry because you learn to hear the people needs and tread them with respect and that shows me how to deal with every kind of personalities. That teaches me to understand what the person want and understand their thoughts and ideas.

7How do you handle a heavy workload with many deadlines?
I always work under pressing but I think that the best way to handle all the projects in the same time is organizing your time.

8Would you rather work on a team or on your own?
I rather to work in group, because you have more time to finish the project.
Also I think that too many heads things better than one and it helps you when you’re close and any idea came into your head.

viernes, 6 de julio de 2007

Nine Steps to Acing a Job Interview
by Penelope Trunk

Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 12:00AM
A good way to think about the process of getting a job is that a resume gets you in the door, and an interview is where you close the deal.
Here are nine ways to ace an interview and get the job:

1. Tell good stories.
2. Understand the behavioral interview.
3. Ask questions at the beginning, not the end.
4. Stop stressing about your MySpace page.
6. Present a plan.
7. Manage your parents.
8. Play to stereotypes.
9. Practice. A lot.

A story I used to tell in interviews is how I made my career choice during an argument with my ex-boyfriend.
Heath says there are three different kinds of plots we can create about ourselves.

1. The challenge plot. You overcame an obstacle to get to where you are. Heath’s example is someone who says, “I’m really good at customer-focused service.” It’s not very persuasive if someone makes that declaration. But this challenge plot makes things more persuasive; “I learned customer service working at an ice cream stand. In the summer the line was twenty people deep and it was a challenge to keep the customers happy.” Now the listener has an image in their mind of you being good at customer service.

2. The creativity plot. In this plot, the turning point in the story is a eureka moment - when an idea comes to you and changes everything. You could say, “My business is about selling textbooks.” Or you could say, “I had an idea to sell textbooks, but I couldn’t figure out how to market them as interesting to the consumer. Then it hit me that no one has a favorite text book, but everyone has a favorite professor. So I needed to use the professors to hook in the customers.”

3. The connection plot. This plot comes in when you are telling a story about bringing a team together. For example, “our toy company merged with another toy company and people were duplicating each others’ efforts to create a new doll line. I convinced the teams to combine designs and work together. We created a doll that dominated the collectible doll market that Christmas.”

Once you’ve practiced a bit, you can relish the moment someone says, “So, what do you do?” If you understand how to talk about yourself, this is an opening to connect in a meaningful way and make a lasting impression.

Thajia Di Gaetano cordero
5500 University Parkwa
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Tatydg_pote187@hotmail.com (e-mail)
04149667728(personal phone)
026107874391 (home phone)

An entry-level graphic design position.

Summary of Qualifications
• Experienced in design for print publications and web sites.
• Proficient in most commonly used computer design applications.
• Able to communicate well with clients and meet deadlines.
• Experienced in photography and video camera work.

Professional Accomplishments
• Redesigned several web sites to make them more appealing and user-friendly.
• Created logo and advertising layouts for local cafe.
• Designed newsletters for student groups.
• Produced letterhead and business cards for several clients.

Computer Skills
• Photoshop and Corel draw
• Dreamweaver and Illustrator
• Adobe Freehand and PowerPoint

Freelance Clients
• hollandstudents.com
• Dein Joseph, Attorneys at Law
• Grace's Cafe

• Cameron White Photography
• cumulusonline.com
• Hope College Chorale

Work Experience
• Waiter, Grace's Cafe
• Library Zulia

• Creative c.a, Director Graphic Assistance


June 2, 2007

Ms. Mariel Cardens
45 Etiwanda Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503

Dear Ms. Cardens:

Ill find the job in the wbesite ourartisticjob_workdesing.com.
I am submitting my resume to you in response to your advertisement for a Production Artist in the June 1, 2007 to Demosheild presentation. I believe I have the skills that you are seeking and would like to be considered for this position.

I have extensive layout and design experience and enjoy working on precise, detailed projects. In addition, I possess over 4 years of experience in logo design, camera work, website design, and photography and desktop publishing programs. I am highly organized and adept at meeting tight deadlines that are so common in this industry.

A current resume detailing my previous work experience and educational background is enclosed for your review. I look forward to discussing this further with you and reviewing the needs of your company in greater detail. I can be reached at (0261) 7874391 or by email at tatydg_pote187@hotmail.com.


Thajia Di Gaetano

Thajia Di Gaetano
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407

I´ll find a job

Project: Demosheild
Project Status: Open
Public By: ourartisticjob_workdesing.com
Created: 15 Jun 2007
Created By: Mariel Cardens
Project Description:
I have an existing project that was created with demosheild. I need some minor modifications done to the presentation.If you have a copy of demosheild please pace your bid and I will send you the dbd file.
Job Type:
Photography, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Flash, Banner Design
Attached Files:No Files Attached

viernes, 8 de junio de 2007

Color Palettes

Trouble-Free Color Palettes: Fiendish
Incorporate chilling colors into your project palette.

The adrenaline rush from a good scare is short lived, but much sought after, as the myriad of thrill rides and horror flicks suggests. Incorporate chilling colors into your project palette to get your audience to keep buying tickets and buying into your designs. And listen to your inner devil like Stefan G. Bucher: “I often have a sort of fiendish theme in my life; the illustrations are merely the tip of the iceberg.”
Bucher says selecting colors for an illustration is “like an equation with several unknowns. I start with a few wild color guesses and then balance the other colors around them. It’s a combination of instinct and careful adjustment. Sometimes I’ll throw a wild Hue/Saturation curve over the final result to see if I missed something interesting if I stayed too safe.”
Starting with a pen and ink illustration, Bucher scans his art and adds color in Photoshop. “My illustrations tend to give shape to the voices in my head,” he says, “which may well turn out to be transmissions from the home world. It would explain a lot.”
Describing his style as “gratuitously intricate and shamelessly frivolous,” Bucher admits the work of other artists inspires him more than anything. “I love seeing artists use colors in counterintuitive combinations. I also love pulling colors from fashion. When I use color, I try to think of it as clothing the piece.”
“The two most important pieces of advice I can give anyone,” says Bucher, “are ‘make yourself useful’ and ‘don’t be boring.’ If you look at your work and your work habits from the perspective of usefulness and interest, you’ll always have work.”